• Bulk deposits
  • Oil Terminals
  • Maritime transhipment station
  • Railway unloading and loading system
  • Multi-product loading ramps for tank trucks
  • Supply of industrial units with fuels or biofuels
  • Feeding industrial furnaces with coke, coal, biofuels or residual hazardous materials
  • Station for the distribution of fuels and biofuels on railway tracks
  • Fueling and defuelling system for aircraft using Jet A1
  • Power supply systems for test benches
  • Pipeline network and pumping unit
  • Distribution station for locomotives and locotracteurs
  • Distribution station for buses
  • Mining distribution station
  • Steam network for production or storage units
  • Hydrocarbon and sediment separation, interception and capture system
  • System for the chemical separation of emulsifying products

The industrial / pipeline sector includes engineering activities related to production and distribution and supply networks for industrial purposes.


  • HAZID, HAZOP & WHAT-IF risk analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Operating Procedures
  • Maintenance program
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Automation, control and programming of process, storage and feeding / distribution systems
  • Analysis of the compatibility of petroleum products and related products

Petrol – Diesel – Biofuel – Grease – Oil – Solvent – Coal – Coke – Oil N°2 – Bitumen – Crude – Jet A