Because of the environmental and social risks coming along with projects related to petroleum, chemicals and gas, PETROSUR’S mission relies on creating partnerships with the clients in order to reach a balance between the financial, the security and the efficiency objectives of the projects.


Integrity :

Services are given by PETROSUR in accordance with quality assurance procedures and with a strick code of ethics.

Respect :

PETROSUR is highly concerned by efficiency and frank, regular communication whilst in relations with its clients. At each step of the process, namely study, design, and implementation, these priorities ensure effective delivery.

Teamwork :

At PETROSUR, the success of a project results from teamwork involving all participants. PETROSUR promotes a “partnership” approach with its clients, where all parties work together to find better solutions while being aware of every group’s specific needs.


PETROSUR recognizes the value of experience and ongoing R&D to support its client base with respect to all dimensions of environmental concerns.

Therefore, PETROSUR encourages the implication of its employees with several organizations related to petroleum, chemical and gas industries, in order to stay abreast of new technologies and eventually collaborate with them to the improvement of their regulations.

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Chemical Society
  • EVOLEN / Entrepreneurs and Professionals from Oil & Gas to Energy Futures
  • APL Energies

Furthermore, PETROSUR is a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute.


PETROSUR strives to maintain its leading position by encouraging innovation in the development of its projects.

To keep pace with the scarcity of the workforce and keep up with the latest developments in technology, the company follows a training program. Depending on the specialization of engineering units, our professionals participate in specialized courses, conferences and technical days on subjects like oil, chemical and gas technologies and on hazardous materials – topics that may be of interest to our clients. The knowledge gained is transferred to the entire team by their application in the projects in progress.


PETROSUR opts for a clear and firm commitment to its clients-partners on the realization of the various projects submitted :

An installations design that takes into account maintenance and exploitation operations as well as technological development, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency of the said installations for all the participants of the client-partner.

A strict health and safety policy for all workers including client-partner’s workers. This policy is also applied during the design of installations in order to ensure safe operation of equipments. Our team’s commitment to a strict Health and Safety policy on construction sites involves the setting-up of management policies and risks assessment to remove, reduce or minimize the risks of incidents or occupational accidents.

A strict environmental protection policy for field activities in order to protect client-partner assets. This policy is also applied during system design.


The MESAR GROUP’s quality control team ensures the application of all the policies and commitments of ISO 9001 in all of the corporations tied to the Group.

Our Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement program allows us to gather feedback from our clients and draw constructive lessons from each project. We are constantly working to improve our work methodologies and our processes of application of quality control procedures and of compliance to requirements.