Over the years, PETROSUR has collaborated and carried out numerous oil, chemical and gas projects in partnership with various customers. The experience acquired by our employees during their career combined with that obtained within PETROSUR allows the realization of projects in different fields of specialization.

Integration of PETROSUR’s multidisciplinary services results from our client- partner’s demands to obtain specialized petroleum and gas engineering based on the evolution of their needs. Hence, the services we offer along with our expertise are adapted to the specifications of every one of our client-partners.

All projects involve an additional level of security in order to respect the issues of our client and those of the community. Therefore, PETROSUR designs not only mechanical protection of installations, but also electronic protection if required for safety.

We therefore carry out, if necessary, the implementation of leak detection systems, electronic leveling systems as well as systems for automation and control of storage and distribution units. All of this is done through a local and / or remote interface on various platforms of computer languages and of information transmissions.